From Sung-jong to Baby Soul, the discrimination controversy against certain members in the “Season’s Greetings” merch

Controversy arose as Baby Soul of the disbanded Lovelyz and Sung-jong of the group INFINITE, was left out from the Season’s Greeting merch.  

On Nov 9th, Sung-jong updated an “I have but I don’t” written on a black background on his personal Instagram story. This is an abbreviation for “I have a lot to say, but I don’t say anything.”sun

The story was posted after the pre-sale schedule for the 2022 Season’s Greetings of artists from Sung-jong’s agency, Woollim Entertainment, was released, and some fans speculate that Sung-jong was expressing his displeasure with the agency.

sung jong

The reason is that there is no content related to Sung-jong in the Season’s Greeting schedule released by Woollim Entertainment. Sung-jong, who renewed his contract in June, was excluded from the release of the Season’s Greeting merch without separate notice. On the other hand, Nam Woo-hyun, a member of the same group INFINITE, has posted a notice regarding his Season’s Greeting.

After the mysterious story, Sung-jong said in a conversation with fans, “I’m sorry to have worried you. I will try harder in the future so that I don’t worry you guys” he said.

Following Sung-jong, Baby Soul was also excluded from the agency’s Season’s Greeting list. Baby Soul is the only member of Lovelyz, which announced its disbandment earlier this month, to renew her contract with Woollim Entertainment.

baby soul

In response, fans start to raise concerns to the agency, such as “Why did you renew their contract if you were to treat them differently regarding the launch of an individual Season’s Greeting merch?” and “It hurts to think of how upset the artists might have been.”


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