“Reborn Rich” Park Ji Hyun: “They said the slip dress I wore before sleeping with Jin Sung Joon is too revealing”

Actress Park Ji Hyun talked about her scenes with actor Kim Nam Hee, who worked with her as a couple in “Reborn Rich”.

On Dec 25th, JTBC’s Friday, Saturday and Sunday drama “Reborn Rich” ended as a huge hit after 16 episodes.

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In the drama, Park Ji Hyun plays Mo Hyun Min, the eldest daughter of Hyunseong Ilbo and the wife of Jin Sung Joon (Kim Nam Hee), the eldest son of Jin Yang Chul (Lee Sung Min) of Sun Yang Group. Park Ji Hyun recently met with MyDaily at the Namoo Actors office in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul to talk about her teamwork with the other “Reborn Rich” actors.

Park Ji Hyun shared, “In fact, I didn’t have many scenes with Song Joong Ki. The actor that I filmed with the most is Kim Nam Hee. Nam Hee is really a genius. I think I’m a person with a lot of imagination, but I learned a lot from seeing him actively present things that I couldn’t even think of,” she praised Kim Nam Hee.

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“He joked a lot behind the scenes, but when the camera started rolling, I really felt like I was looking at Sung Joon, so it was very easy for me to react to him. He acted sincerely every time, so I acted sincerely every time. It was such an honor for me to act with Nam Hee,” she added.

Park Ji Hyun also mentioned a scene where she was surprised by Kim Nam Hee’s colorful imagination.

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“Before the wedding, there was a conflict between the two characters in the bride’s waiting room. When Nam Hee provoked and suddenly changed his expression with a smile at the end, saying, ‘I’ll go out first.’ I was like, ‘How did he come up with that?’ because it wasn’t in the script at all. As soon as I got home after filming, I called all my friends in the acting field just to say ‘Kim Nam Hee is the best’.”

Park Ji-hyun shared how she focused on her styling to match the drama’s historical background. In a scene with Jin Sung Joon, she impressed the viewers with a sexy Mo Hyun Min in a slip dress.

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“I tried on various slip dresses to create my character’s images because it was just me and Sung Joon in the room alone before sleeping. At the beginning, some at the filming site said those were too revealing, but I still wore those with the thought that the editing team would somehow improvise it.”

Regarding the scene that Park Ji Hyun thought she did the best, “There was this scene where I fainted after the wedding reception. I don’t remember exactly the fighting scene with Sung Joon in the hospital, but the bust scene finished after only one cut. During that scene, I acted while turning myself totally into Mo Hyun Min. The director even said okay in the first cut and praised me a lot.”

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Source: Mydaily

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