What Park Jin-young said to Sun-ye, who got married at the age of 25, made everyone emotional

JYP Entertainment CEO – singer Park Jin-young (51 years old) expressed his extraordinary affection for Sunye (34 years old).

Mom is An Idol

On the recent broadcast of tvN’s “Mom is An Idol” aired on January 20th, Sunye sang the duet song “Farewell Under the Sun” with her teacher Park Jin-young.

After finishing the stage, Park Jin-young said, “Sunye recorded this song when she was in the 3rd year of high school, so she sang it with different feelings compared to now”, “I kept getting emotional. We both cried while having a meal together.”

Mom is An Idol

“In fact, when Sunye said she was getting married at that age. Of course, I cheered for her, but I was also worried a lot at the same time”, he confessed. This is because Sunye announced her marriage out of a sudden while being the leader of the “Nation’s girl groupWonder Girls.

Mom is An Idol

Park Jin-young expressed his regret, saying, “Sunye has a really strong sense of responsibility. She always wants to make what she choose the right choice”, adding, “I wonder how hard she has lived with this personality”.

Mom is An Idol

Then, he drew attention by saying, “When Sunye said she was going to participate in ‘Mom is An Idol’, she told me that she would work hard because she thought she could give courage to many mothers and those who want to give up their lives.”

Mom is An Idol

Upon hearing this, everyone got emotional. Do Kyungwan showed his admiration for Park Jin-young, saying, “He’s like a father… He’s like a real father to her”.

Internet users on Naver TV also left many comments, saying, “I can understand how Park Jin-young is feeling only by looking at him”, “I cried because of Park Jin-young’s huge love for Sunye”, “More than a producer, he has the vibe of a big brother. He’s so cool”, “Park Jin-young’s words make me cry so hard. He’s like a real father to her”, “JYP, why is he so cool like this?”

Meanwhile, Sunye made her debut as a member of Wonder Girls in 2007 and has received huge love from the public through many of the group’s hit songs, such as “Tell Me”, “So Hot”, and  “Nobody”. She married in 2013 and left the group in 2015.


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