HyunA looks more beautiful when being in love with E’Dawn

Singer HyunA unveiled a close-up shot.

HyunA posted three pictures on her Instagram account on October 18th without any words.

In the photo released, HyunA redoubled her cute charm with pig tail hairstyle. Even in the close shot, she is still confident about her beauty.

Meanwhile, HyunA recently admitted her love with Pentagon’s former member, E’Dawn. Afterwards, she announced that she terminated her contract with Cube Entertainment.

In addition, HyunA recently continued her so-called #lovestagram by releasing pictures and videos with E’Dawn on her instagram.

Seeing her photos, most of netizens praised HyunA‘s beauty:

[+264,-49] I don’t care what people commented. She is pretty

[+169,-8] But she looks happy

[+184,-40] HyunA is beautiful

[+59,-2]She is right when leaving Cube. It’s good to see her naturally cute images

[+136,-126] She is not pretty

Source: Naver

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