Tzuyu constantly shows off her top-notch body with a series of cool outfits

Instead of the cumbersome, old costumes before, Tzuyu is gradually changing her style to look younger and more flattering.

The outfit Tzuyu (TWICE) wore during the promotion of the Japanese song “Perfect World” received many compliments. In the video of performing viral choreography on TikTok, the female idol shows off her perfect body with a small waist, wide hips, and sexy as if she came out of a comic book.

The strong and powerful style of the red suit in the MV is also impressive. With classic beauty, Tzuyu fits very well with the mysterious and hot crimson tone.
During the promotion of Alcohol-free, Tzuyu’s clothes were highly appreciated for their simple but flattering designs.
Instead of the cumbersome and detailed clothes that Tzuyu often wore before, she is now free to show off her slim body with tight dresses, crop tops, short skirts…
Wearing a body-hugging outfit, Tzuyu’s energetic body is fully honored.
Bright outfit colors, summer floral motifs match Tzuyu’s fresh beauty. Although Tzuyu wears colorful clothes, she is not gaudy or cheesy.
The youngest TWICE’s beauty was able to wear a series of expensive outfits.
In addition to her beautiful face and immense charisma, Tzuyu also has long slender legs and excellent round hips.
When wearing a bodycon dress, Tzuyu’s standard S-line body advantage is even more displayed.
The glittery sequin dress brought the image of a luxurious lady that was quickly sold out thanks to her excellent beauty.
In the past, for a long time, Tzuyu fans were angry with the stylist and constantly booing the company for treating her unfairly when forcing her to wear extremely confusing outfits. Despite the advantages of her body, the female idol often appears on stage with cumbersome and age-matched outfits.

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