How aespa Winter differs from the rest of her group

aespa is outstanding enough, but Winter takes it to the “Next Level” with her numerous distinction 

Kpop girl group aespa is now among the most iconic 4th gen artists. Out of the 4 members, however, Winter stands out with notable differences from the rest of her group, whether she’s promoting with aespa or project group GOT. 

Odd-one-out fancam thumbnails

On July 8th, 2022, aespa officially came back with their mini album “Girls” and title of the same name. As of the moment, they are still promoting the song on various music programs, which entails this noticeable difference between Winter and the rest of aespa. 

In particular, in thumbnails for personal fancams of aespa’s performances, Winter is always the odd one out. For some reason, her thumbnail is always cute and bright, compared to other members’ cool and chic expressions. 

Winter stands out as the only one smiling in the fancam thumbnails

The same situation also happened when Winter promoted with the project group “Girls On Top” (GOT). In particular, while every one exuded a strong and alluring aura with tough expressions, Winter was puckering her lips, showing her chubby cheeks alongside “pucca” hair. Looking at all the thumbnails, it is just impossible to miss out on Winter. 

Odd-one-out styling

Compared to the rest of the group, Winter adopts a rather different style. In particular, she is the only member who has cut her hair short, and the only one to wear white at the 2022 Coachella. 

Additionally, Winter also likes to make cute poses that strays from aespa’s cool concept. As a result, she receives a lot of praise for her visuals and bright image. 

Not interested in shopping and taking selfies 

In a Vlog filmed during aespa’s trip to US for their Coachella performance, Winter revealed that she is not into shopping. Therefore, while other members excitedly checked out clothes and all sorts of items, Winter only wandered around, looking at things on sale. In addition, according to Winter, she’s the group’s photographer as she’s not interested in taking photos of herself.

Never broke a sweat… literally

Another unique thing about Winter is that she doesn’t really sweat, even while practicing hard with the rest of the group and being extremely exhausted. However, this revelation draws a lot of concerns from fans, who are worried about Winter’s health condition. 

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