2022 MBC Drama Awards announced nominees for Best Couple: from Lee Jong Suk & Lim Yoon Ah to Park Joo Hyun & Kim Young Dae

Best couples from MBC dramas that stimulated viewers’ love cells this year have been selected.

Drama fans are excited about the release of nominees for Best Couple at the 2022 MBC Drama Awards, a place that allows actors and viewers to look back on works with various emotions in the past year.

In particular, there were many couples whose visuals shone just by standing side by side and on-screen lovers who got the audiences overly immersed themselves in the story with their amazing chemistry. Therefore, attention is focused on which couples were nominated for Best Couple this year.

MBC Drama Awards Best Couple

First of all, “The Forbidden Marriage” SoHeon couple with overflowing chemistry – Park Joo Hyun & Kim Young Dae, Lee Hye Ri & Lee Joon Young – who comfort and heal each other wounds in “May I Help You”, and Yook Sung Jae & Jung Chae Yeon – who flutters viewers’ hearts with their fresh first love story in “The Golden Spoon” were named in the list of nominations for Best Couple.

MBC Drama Awards also revealed Lee Jong Suk & Lim Yoon Ah – who impressed everyone as an ‘all round’ couple in “Big Mouth”, “Fanletter, Please” Choi Soo Young & Yoon Park – who presented a youthful romance and warm healing emotions, and Park Hae Jin & Jin Ki Joo – who performed love that goes back and forth between the past and present lives in “From Now On, Showtime!” as candidates for Best Couple, raising expectations. 

Big moth yoona lee jong suk

Fans are excited to see which of the 6 couples that have different charms will be chosen to receive the award.

In addition, the voting for Best Couple will be conducted on the official website of the 2022 MBC Drama Awards from 9 a.m. today (Dec 19th) to midnight on Dec 26th. Everyone is looking forward to the romantic moments of the couple that is recognized by viewers for their “real love”. 

The 2022 MBC Drama Awards, which is completing its nomination list step by step with the release of Best Couple nominees, will be held at 8:30 p.m. on December 30th. 

Source: Daum

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