NewJeans Haerin “Secret to have beautiful long straight hair? Spray hair mist to keep it soft”

NewJeans Haerin revealed the secret of the group’s symbol – hair.

On July 17th, NewJeans Haerin‘s interview video was uploaded on W KOREA’s official channel.

The trademark of Haerin’s group NewJeans is “long straight hair”. Haerin, who showed off her “first love” charm with long flowing hair, cited steady management as the secret to her hair.

newjeans haerin

She introduced her own management method, “I tend to brush my hair frequently and spray hair mist to keep it soft.

Haerin, who usually prefers coral pink lip products, said, “I wanted to apply bright and refreshing colors in spring and summer. That’s why I’m using them.”

On that day, Haerin filmed a beauty video for Dior, of which she is an ambassador. She expressed her feelings, “I filmed the video with 4 different concepts, and it was fun to be able to show various images.”

Source: Daum

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