YG suddenly changed the name of the teaser for Rosé’s solo album, fans immediately gave a series of “theories”

Now that Rosé has a solo debut, YG named the song COMING SOON, so YG fans are not too surprised. 

Recently, information about BlackPink Rosé’s solo debut attracted the attention of many Kpop fans.  Being an all-round talented idol, and being the main vocalist of the number one girl group in the world, it is not difficult to understand why Rosé has received so much attention from the audience for her solo debut. 

After 3 years of waiting since YG Entertainment revealed that she will make a solo debut, it will not be until 2021 that this wish will come true when the company officially released a teaser for her.  Rosé also revealed the first b-side song in her first solo album titled GONE in the online concert THE SHOW and attracted much attention on social networks.

name of the teaser for Rosé's solo album

However, today, YG Entertainment revealed a strange move with Rosé’s teaser.  Specifically, at the time of the teaser release, this video was called ROSÉ – COMING SOON TEASER.  However, today, YG suddenly changed the video name to ROSÉ – COMING SOON.

name of the teaser for Rosé's solo album

This surprised fans because they did not understand what this company’s move meant.  Previously, Korean media reported that Rosé would officially debut solo in March this year, which means that there will be about a month left for the YG female idol’s solo debut to take place.  But YG’s strange move made fans confused and gave out many different conspiracy theories …

– Is this a sign that YG is about to release an official teaser or the song title could be “COMING SOON”?

 – It may not be until March next year that Rosé has a solo debut, everyone just wait!

 – YG once posted a teaser and then didn’t post any MV …

 – The song’s name is Coming Soon or MV!

 – I guess the new song is Coming Soon!

 – Then the song’s called Coming Soon?

 – Please don’t tell me it is also the MV?!

As can be seen, fans have raised many theories after YG edited Rosé’s teaser name.  There is an opinion that YG removed the word “TEASER” from the title because it is the music video of the song.  However, in fact, this theory is quite absurd because, at THE SHOW, Rosé released full footage for the b-side song GONE, and everyone knows the name of this b-side song is GONE, so say that ROSÉ – COMING SOON is the MV of GONE seems a bit ridiculous

name of the teaser for Rosé's solo album

There is also another opinion that YG will no longer release the MV, so the video name has been changed like that.  In the past, the company once posted a teaser and did not publish MV … This theory is not unreasonable when YG is often criticized by Kpop fans for delaying the artists’ comeback plans many times.

But in the past 1 year, things have changed as artists have made regular comebacks, especially BLACKPINK.  Moreover, BLACKPINK in general and Rosé, in particular, are both top Kpop superstars and are the “golden eggs” for the company, so YG will definitely not cancel Rosé’s solo debut.

name of the teaser for Rosé's solo album

The last theory is most agreed upon.  Some fans believe that this new move by YG is a sign that an official teaser for the title track will be released, and that the name of the song might be … COMING SOON! Don’t want to believe it, but thinking about it, this is the funniest and most reasonable reason given by netizens

name of the teaser for Rosé's solo album

YG Entertainment is famous for its very simple naming: when Jennie debuted as a solo artist, she named the song SOLO;  when setting up the head office, YG named it THE OFFICE;  BLACKPINK released their first album, its name is THE ALBUM;  BLACKPINK did an online concert name THE SHOW; Lisa released an epic dance video like a short film, then named it THE MOVIE.  Now that Rosé has a solo debut, YG named the song COMING SOON, so YG fans are not too surprised.  Many also expressed excitement at YG Entertainment’s sense of humor.

name of the teaser for Rosé's solo album

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