Yoo In Na, “Someone asked for IU’s number while we were eating braised chicken at COEX” (IU’s Palette)

Actress Yoo In Na revealed a past anecdote with IU.

On April 3rd, IU’s Youtube channel uploaded a new video titled “[IU’s Palette] We will be happier (With YOO IN NA)”.

yoo in na

Actress Yoo In Na, known as IU’s best friend, appeared on “IU’s Palette” as the 18th guest.

The two spent time playing the telepathy game and the BFF game to check each other’s hearts.

IU then said to Yoo In Na, “I think that both of us seeing each other as soulmates proves that we have parallels between us. When we showed up in each other’s dreams, I felt that ‘we’re connected by a mysterious thread’.”


Yoo In Na also added, “I think we are meant to be friends. We made our debuts around the same time. We met first on a variety show and no one introduced us to each other. But I believe that we bother noticed that we are both similar types.”

The two met and became friends after participating in the entertainment program “Heroes” together. They spent happy times and even bought food for each other.

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IU said she felt grateful to Yoo In Na, who got along with her. In response, Yoo In Na shared, “Back then, I was thinking, ‘Why does she keep asking me to hang out together?’. You may know this. I’m not the type of person to ask someone out. You were a young girl who loved to wear overalls and you kept asking me to hang out so we went to COEX.” IU nodded, saying “We had braised chicken that day”.

Yoo In Na then suddenly revealed, “We went to COEX and someone asked for your number, remember?”. Embarrassed by the story, IU quickly passed it, saying “Yeah, something hilarious happened.”

Source: Naver

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