Taemin discharged from military service, all SHINee members completed military service

SHINee’s youngest member, Taemin, has completed his alternative military service and has been discharged. 

SHINee member Taemin was discharged on April 4th. He joined the army on May 31st, 2021, and was finally discharged after 1 year and 11 months.


With this, all SHINee members, including the youngest Taemin, have completed their military service.

Previously, Taemin joined the military band of the Ministry of National Defense’s Support Team. However, his symptoms of depression and panic disorder worsened, and he was transferred to a supplementary service station starting from January 14th, 2023.


At that time, SM Entertainment said, “Taemin has been suffering from depression and panic disorder since before and has been receiving treatment and counseling continuously during his military service. However, his recent symptoms have worsened, and the military decided that it is impossible to continue both military life and treatment, so he was transferred to a supplementary service.”


Meanwhile, with Taemin’s discharge, all SHINee members have completed their military service. In response, a full group comeback is planned for May. raising the anticipation of fans. 

In addition, Taemin has also achieved success as a solo artist with unrivaled skills and talent. It is known that he is scheduled to release a new solo album within the year, adding to high expectations.

Source: Insight

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