“Family: The Unbreakable Bond” starring Jang Na Ra draws negative responses for featuring a kiss scene between two minors

The majority of the audience believed the kiss scene was wholly inappropriate.

In April, Jang Na Ra created a buzz for herself ahead of the release of her return drama “Family: The Unbreakable Bond” following her marriage last year. This is also the fourth work she has collaborated with the male co-star Jang Hyuk. With an exciting combination of spy and crime-solving with family comedy, the series is expected to be a massive hit.


Nonetheless, following a strong start with a 4.8% rating, the series has only garnered a viewership rating of 3.0% at the moment. Through the first half of the series, viewers had a hard time watching the drama due to low-quality script writing. They claimed the drama kept incorporating supposedly meaningless comedy into the plot while leaving out more crucial details. Only in episode 4 did the drama present a significant turning point when the real identity of the female lead was gradually unveiled.

However, a disturbing scene became the talk of the town, which is the kissing scene between two 8-year-olds. The kiss was between Min Seo, daughter of Yoo Ra (Jang Na Ra), and Bo Seok, a classmate and the person Min Seo likes. The kiss was also part of a school play in which Bo Seok and another female classmate were supposed to carry out as prince and princess. However, before that kiss was about to happen, things went south and Min Seo accidentally kissed her crush.  


The audience showed negative reactions to the scene. They believed the writer was trying too hard to romanticize a relationship between minors and was being unrealistic in that pursuit.

Netizens’ comments:

–         The kissing between two children was a bit too much. The child actors were great but the script was terrible and messy.

–        If they were serious about writing a romance between two kids, I think they failed.

–        I wish I could watch more acting scenes.

Source: K14

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