“Jang Won-young gets luxury good sponsorships really fast”… She appeared at an award ceremony with accessories that cost 280 million won overall

IVE’s Jang Won-young was mentioned in the ranking of “Stars’ Another-Level Items” on TMI NEWS SHOW.

Mnet’s “TMI NEWS SHOW”, which aired on June 22nd, revealed the list called “It looks nice on you! BEST 11 ‘another level’ items worn by stars”. Rapper Han-hae and stylist Seo Soo-kyung appeared as TMI guest reporters.

jang won young

Jang Won-young ranked 10th place in the chart. She once made headlines with the accessories she wore at an award ceremony in 2021.

MC Lee Mi-joo then introduced the prices of items worn by Jang Won-young. Everyone was surprised when she said, “This item is known to be a fine jewelry product from the Italian luxury brand B”, adding, “These earrings cost about 38 million won”.

Accordingly, Jang Won-young also wore a 58 million won bracelet and a pair of rings that cost 44 million won. Mi-joo said, “The highlight necklace costs 130 million won. The layered necklace alone is already 14 million won.”

jang wonyoung

The total price of accessories worn by Jang Won-young at that awards ceremony was 284 million won.

After looking at the ranking, Seo Soo-kyung commented, “It normally takes an idol at least three years to become famous. Luxury goods sponsorship is provided to idols only when they establish a certain level of public recognition and their influence is highly evaluated. BLACKPINK was a fast case. Jang Won-young was also really fast”, adding, “Being picked by fashion designers who are famous for being picky is a really meaningful thing”.

Source: Nate

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