“Reborn Rich” first daughter-in-law Kim Jung Nan amazed by the amazing acting of the cast, “People with crazy acting”

Actress Kim Jung Nan released behind-the-scenes selfies taken with the actors of the drama “Reborn Rich”.

On December 18th, Kim Jung Nan posted several photos and added a long caption, saying “I can post these now! I felt like we just filmed it yesterday, but the drama has only 3 episodes left. People with crazy acting. Young Jae, is that you right behind us?”.

Kim Jung-nan

In the released pictures, Kim Jung Nan was making good memories with the actors she worked with in “Reborn Rich”. Kim Jung Nan, Jo Han Chul, Kim Shin Rok, Kim Hyun, Park Ji Hyun, Seo Jae Hee, and Jung Hye Young drew attention as they took photos while wearing mourning clothes after the death of Jin Yang Chul (Lee Sung Min).

Kim Jung-nan
Kim Jung-nan

Kim Jung Nan is playing the role of Son Jung Dae, the first daughter-in-law of Sunyang family, in JTBC’s Fri-Sat series “Reborn Rich”.

Meanwhile, the latest broadcast (episode 13) showed Jin Yang Chul passing away in front of Jin Do Joon (Song Joong Ki). Recording a nationwide rating of 22.5% and 24.4% in Seoul area, the drama continued to set a new viewer rating peak and prove its unrivaled popularity by ranking No.1 among programs on all channels. 

song joong ki lee sung min reborn rich thumbnail

Source: Nate

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