“Reborn Rich” Lee Sung Min passed away, Song Joong Ki got angry as he was excluded from inheritance

“Reborn Rich” Song Joong Ki enraged as Lee Sung Min did not include him in the inheritance of Sunyang as he said.

In episode 13 of JTBC’s Fri-Sat-Sun drama “Reborn Rich”, which aired on December 17th, Jin Do Joon (Song Joong Ki) got angry as he was not included in the inheritance.

On the broadcast, Jin Yang Chul (Lee Sung Min) was upset about the poor performance of Sunyang Motor. Knowing this, Jin Do Joon said, “I won’t let anyone call Sunyang Motor your delusion and stubbornness”. Therefore, Jin Yang Chul entrusted Jin Do Joon will full authority over the plan for the new car Apollo. 

Reborn Rich

Jin Do Joon had a meeting with the shareholders and persuades them by revealing his plan to sell Apollo with the 2002 World Cup logo. He said, “If our national team has their first win at World Cup, we will sell 100 cars. If they advance to the Round of 16, it will be 400 cars, and 1,000 cars for the semifinals”. As the shareholders raised doubts, Jin Do Joon confidently said, “Our people will remember Apollo with the victories”.

Mo Hyun Min (Park Ji Hyun) found out about Jin Yang Chul’s delirium. When Mo Hyun Min came to help him get out of the car, Jin Yang Chul said, “Don worry about Yoon Ki (Kim Young Jae). I’m going to hand over Sunyang to Yoon Ki’s son”. He added, “Yoon Ki’s mom, did you resent me a lot?”, and Mo Hyun Min covered her mouth in shock. Jin Do Joon then appeared and took Jin Yang Chul. At this time, Jin Yang Chul blamed himself, “I think I made a mistake”.

Reborn Rich

Later when Lee Pil Ok (Kim Hyun) asked her, “Did grandfather say anything special to you?”, Mo Hyun Min said, “Nothing much. He only listened to music”.

Meanwhile, Jin Yang Chul was thrilled at Jin Do Joon, who did not give up the Sunyang Motors business.

Afterwards, the new car Apollo recorded sales enough to be listed in the Guinness Book along with the miracle of the 2002 World Cup. Jin Do Joon, who intended to report this, was surprised to see Jin Yang Chul lying down.

Reborn Rich

Chairman Jin Yang Chul eventually failed to wake up, and his family was interested in his will. Jin Dong Ki (Jo Han Chul) said in anger, “Are you going to stab your children in the back even in the will? You are really amazing, dad.” Jin Do Joon got angry, “Why did you tell me that you would hand over Sunyang to me? I’m the one who wants to follow you to hell and ask you this.”

Source: Daum

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