UEE on “My Little Old Boy”: “I’m so jealous of the coffee truck Kim Tae-hee sent to Rain”

UEE mentioned an anecdote on “My Little Old Boy” about how her fellow actor Rain received a coffee truck as a gift from his wife Kim Tae-hee. 

Actor UEE appeared as a special MC on an episode of SBS’s “My Little Old Boy,” which aired on January 16th.

UEE said, “I came out dressed as a true daughter-in-law,” pleasing the mothers. UEE looked at Lee Tae-sung’s mother and introduced herself, “I play the role of Lee Tae-sung’s half-sibling. It’s a role that fights a lot with Tae-sung.”

My Little Old Boy

UEE is said to be so friendly that no matter how introverted people are, they still open up to her. It was surprising that she even followed actor Lee Yo-won‘s family on their family trip. UEE said, “I filmed the drama with my senior, but I matched so well with her teenage daughter that I went on the trip with them too,” drawing laughter.

My Little Old Boy

Seo Jang-hoon then rambled to UEE, who is the type to talk to her fellow actors first, saying, “Do you ever think you don’t have to talk to Rain (who is currently filming with her)?” He then asked, “Since Rain is in a loving relationship, do you ever see him and think, ‘I want to get married and live a happy life too?’”

My Little Old Boy

UEE said, “A coffee truck under his name came to the filming scene, and of course, I thought it was sent by his fans or acquaintances. On the truck was just a simple, ‘Please take good care of him,’ but it turned out that the coffee truck was sent by Kim Tae-hee.”

My Little Old Boy

UEE said, “If my husband is an actor, I think I will print my face as big as possible on there. It would be not just for my husband but for me too, but they sent it very simply. I was so jealous. Isn’t that the happiness I don’t have?” she expressed her envy.


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