Postponing the release of the novel, Jessica refused to be a former member of SNSD but mentioned the old group on the book cover?

Jessica wants to be recognized as a writer, not a former member of SNSD, but somehow details related to her old group are constantly appearing in her delayed novel.

Kpop fans will not be able to hold Jessica’s first novel titled Shine on September 29 as scheduled. Although this is a product that many people “look forward to” after a series of controversies, the book has been postponed to release.

According to the announcement, Shine is a fiction, not Jessica’s autobiography. The author also clarified that she is not a former member of SNSD but a writer-Jessica. Jessica declared that she was not an old member of SNSD, and it was unclear whether her novel really refers to her former teammates. But somehow, accidentally or intentionally, details related to SNSD often appear in Shine. 

A few months ago, fans realized that two songs performed by SNSD, Lion Heart and Party, suddenly appeared in the playlist of Jessica’s book. Glasstown Entertainment, the company specialized in producing and publishing books, posted this playlist on Instagram stories, then deleted it. Notably, 2 SNSD’s songs were released after Jessica left the group. Party was the first Korean song that the legendary SM girl group released with a lineup of 8. Lion Heart was the title track of SNSD’s same-name album, marking the group’s return after the “frozen princess” left.

When Brazil held a contest to design the cover of the book Shine, it was Jessica who chose the drawing that won. It wouldn’t matter if the design she chose didn’t draw the poster of Oh!- the hit that SNSD released in 2010. Morover, the drawing also had the logo of Sailing – the song SNSD released on the occasion of the 9th anniversary. It is worth mentioning that Sailing launched in 2016, while the journey of Jessica and SNSD has stopped since September 2014.

The cover photo of the Shine book released in Thailand also reminded SNSD. The lightstick drawn on the cover had a heart shape, and coincidentally this was also the unique design of SNSD’s lightstick.

Jessica did not want to be considered as a former member of SNSD, but the Publisher Simon & Schuster kept calling Jessica by the title ‘the lead vocal of Girl’s Generation’ (SNSD’s English name). The title appeared in the pre-read version of Shine, which was sent to editors, reviewers, bloggers, … last June. It was thought that SNSD’s name only appeared in Shine’s pre-read, but netizens on Twitter discovered that this name was also on the covers of some books that were available in some bookstores even though they were not for sale. 

The fact is that in addition to be the former SNSD’s member, Jessica has tried her hand in countless roles after leaving the group. She is not only a writer but also a businessman and fashion designer. However, even though Jessica wanted to be seen with a different role, the details relating to SNSD appearing in Shine made her statement contradictory.

Sources: k14

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