Chinese actress Zhao Lu Si switches up makeup style which reminds netizens of Lee Hyo Ri from a past era

Bid farewell to a sweet princess image, Zhao Lu Si takes on a different makeup style.

On social media, Zhao Lu Si is known for her sweet and cute image that she embodies with a bright makeup style. However, the actress is taking a bold step by wearing a more charismatic and personalized style of makeup. Upon seeing the new look, fans notice that it resembled Lee Hyo Ri from a past era. 

 Zhao Lu Si surprised fans with a new makeup style. The Chinese actress followed a Y2K style and a denim tube dress, along with a nude color tone
The actress put on smokey eye shadow and glossy nude lipstick color. With long, wing-shaped eyeliners. She topped the look with a hazel-brown color

For the most part, Lu Si received negative reactions, saying she looked “pale” and reminded them of Lee Hyo Ri from the “10 Minutes” era from 17 years ago. Lee Hyo Ri also proved a timeless sense of fashion.

Source: k14

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