G-FRIEND’s choreography has reached knife-like level

They’re perfectly even and matched each other… How amazing….

G-Friend’s choreography has reached knife-like level

Sources: Pann

[+169, -8] When I watch them in dance practice videos, I can tell right away when SinB started o o

[+141, -10] Yall’ really have to acknowledge these girls

[+112, -2] How burdensome! When I sing and the choreography doesn’t go smoothly, I would feel so stressed out!

[+76, -4] The military synchronize dance is normally seen in boy groups because they have such killing energy, but a girl group can do that in a fairy-tale like atmosphere, man they’re the best! Please listen to their new song every time they have a comeback..

[+58, -2] To be honest, no one has ever doubted their skill before. Their dancing and MR remove singing have been upgraded to the next level.

[+56, -2] G-FRIEND is tough from the inside so they must have brought that strength into their choreography

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