Photo from TWICE’s Concert Goes Viral Because They Resemble… Ants! 

This photo taken at TWICE’s recent concert is going viral

Recently, TWICE successfully completed two Ready To Be shows in Bangkok, Thailand. With each performance, TWICE captivated fans in different ways. TWICE delivered amazing stages, showing off their top-tier performance skills.

One moment from TWICE’s performance unexpectedly goes viral in a hilarious way. The “Go Hard” stage had a red background, and TWICE’s shadowy movements showcased their stunning figures.


However, in a moment, the meticulously prepared choreography of “Go Hard” somehow makes TWICE members look like… ants. And fans can’t help but laugh at the resemblance. 


In an effort to “save” the members’ image, fans keep sharing numerous fansite photos showcasing their beauty at the Bangkok show. Sana particularly stole the spotlight with her peak charisma and captivating gaze.

Source: K14

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