Kang Haneul: “Whether It’s ’30 Days’ Or ‘Squid Game 2,’ They’re All The Same to Me”

Kang Haneul shared his mindset towards acting

On September 25th, Kang Haneul, who is returning to the big screen with the movie ’30 Days,’ had an interview.

’30 Days’ is a romantic comedy about the passionate Jungyeol (Kang Haneul) and Nara (Jung Somin) who become perfect enemies due to transient amnesia just before becoming lovers.

Kang Ha-neul

Kang Haneul plays Jungyeol, a lawyer born with wit and looks. After facing difficulties, he successfully marries Nara, but they clash over various issues and file for divorce in court, with a 30-day adjustment period. However, while returning from court, they are involved in a car accident, erasing all memories of each other.

In the movie ‘Twenty’ (2015), Kang Haneul previously showed great chemistry with Jung Somin, also known as the ‘comedy chemistry.’ They add excitement to the film with their explosive nerve-wracking confrontations and a romance that’s as witty as it is heartwarming.

As the release date approaches, Kang Haneul candidly said, “I don’t feel pressured. I just want to show this film to my parents more than anything else. When you watch this movie, you’ll understand why I couldn’t meet you and keep in touch for so long. It’s like my way of seeking forgiveness.”

30 days

When asked about marriage plans, considering the film’s theme, he replied, “My parents haven’t told me to get married soon. It’s not that I want to do more work, but someone once said that as you live, the situation of thinking ‘I should get married’ comes. I don’t think that has happened yet.”

In the past, Kang Haneul has expressed his belief that he had no intention of dating celebrities. He laughed, saying, “That was a long time ago. It became a declaration that I would never date a celebrity. I’m already so busy taking care of myself, and if the other person is in the same line of work, there would be even more to worry about.”

Reuniting with Jung Somin, Kang Haneul said, “I only have pleasant memories of filming ‘Twenty’ with Jung Somin. I heard that Jung Somin was going to be in it and thought it was good. During ‘Twenty,’ we laughed and had fun while shooting. Now, we’re older, and the work has matured, so there’s more depth and experience.”

30 days

Kang Haneul will also reach a global audience with Season 2 of the Netflix series ‘Squid Game,’ which won six Emmy Awards last year.

Reflecting on being cast in the series, he said, “It feels like a change for me. Whether it’s ‘Squid Game 2′ or the film ’30 Days’, it’s not significantly different. I know ‘Squid Game’ is an incredible work. I’m grateful to be a part of it, but it’s an extension of the works I must accomplish. People might ask, ‘How can you be the same when starring in ‘Squid Game 2’? But to me, they’re all the same.”

’30 Days’ will be released on October 3rd.

Source: naver

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