Top 10 best-selling K-pop albums of the year: Lisa can’t make the list; SM boygroups and BTS compete for the top spot

Let’s immediately see which idols have achieved the highest number of album sales this year so far.

2021 marks the successful comebacks and debuts of a series of Kpop idols. At the same time, the race for achievements, including album sales, is a topic of particular interest to fans.

Here are the top 10 best-selling albums of the year so far; check now to see if your bias is on this list!

10. The Chaos Chapter: Freeze – TXT 

The Chaos Chapter: Freeze is one of two albums by fourth-generation Korean artists to make it into the top ten. This is TXT‘s second full-length studio album, released on May 31. The album has currently sold 835,230 copies, making it TXT’s best-selling album to this point.

txt 10102021 1

9. Bambi – Baekhyun

Bambi by Baekhyun (EXO) is the only solo artist’s album to make it into the top ten best-selling albums list so far this year. Since the album’s release on March 30, the EXO member has sold 1,005,467 copies. Last year, he also sold 1.03 million copies of his solo album, Delight, which was a fantastic achievement. 


8. BE – BTS

Even though BTS‘s BE was released on November 20, 2020, the Essential Edition’s release in mid-February helped to boost album sales unexpectedly. The band has sold 671,104 albums this year alone. BTS sold 3.70 million copies of BE in total.

bts 10102021 1

7. NOEASY – Stray Kids 

NOEASY is the second album by a 4th generation K-pop artist to make this list. Stray Kids has sold 1,228,591 copies of their album since its release on August 23. The boygroup also demonstrated their unique charm by topping the iTunes Top Album chart in 40 countries and simultaneously propelling the title song “Thunderous” to number one on YouTube in some countries following its release.

stray kids TMA 2022

6. Hello Future – NCT DREAM 

Without a doubt, 2021 must be a very successful year for NCT DREAM, as Hello Future is one of the two SM boys’ albums to make this list. The album includes colorful songs such as Hello Future, Bungee or Life Is Still Go On. NCT’s album, which was released on June 28, has so far sold 1,268,733 copies.

nct dream 10102021 1

5. Don’t Fight The Feeling – EXO

 After a long hiatus, EXO had a successful comeback with the album “Don’t Fight The Feeling” on June 7.  This is an extraordinary album to celebrate the group’s 9th debut anniversary.  To date, EXO has sold 1,325,276 copies, and this is EXO’s third best-selling album after The War and Don’t Mess Up My Tempo.

exo 10102021 1

4. Your Choice – SEVENTEEN 

The album Your Choice, SEVENTEEN‘s eighth mini-album, was released on June 18th. Following the release of this album, the group quickly rocked the domestic and international music charts. 1,465,781 copies of the albums have been sold to date.

seventeen 10102021 1

3. Hot Sauce – NCT DREAM

 Hot Sauce is NCT DREAM’s second album on this list.  This is the group’s first full-length studio album, which was released on May 10.  Up to now, the group has sold 2,063,551 copies of the album.

nct dream 10102021 2

2. Sticker – NCT 127 

Sticker is NCT 127‘s third full studio album, featuring the same-named title track. Sticker was well-received by the public and received a handful of achievements thanks to its unique melodies and super-awesome visuals. Sticker, which was released on September 17, came in second on the chart with a total of 2,277,575 album copies delivered to fans.

nct 127 11102021 1

1. Butter – BTS

 It’s not surprising that BTS’s single album Butter is the best-selling K-pop album of 2021 to date.  Released on July 9, this short but sweet album has already raked in huge album sales: 2,875,074 copies.  This is BTS’ fourth best-selling album, after Map of the Soul: 7, BE and Love Yourself: Answer.

bts butter 9023030930298409280598 1

Despite having an explosive debut and many high chart achievements, Lisa’s LALISA is not on this list. Given the high expectations of the Kpop fan community for the BLACKPINK member, it’s a pity that her album sales are slightly lower than those of other artists this year.

Source: K14

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