Lee Min-jung releases her mother’s old photo… There’s a reason why she was born pretty

Lee Min-jung released a photo of her mother.

On May 28th, actress Lee Min-jung posted a photo on her Instagram along with the caption saying, “Oh…. I found an old picture of my mom on Cyworld.”

The released photo is an old picture of Lee Min-jung’s mother. Lee Min-jung’s mother, who looks exactly like Lee Min-jung, captivates everyone with her clear features and beauty. As the mother and daughter show off their superior beauty side by side, netizens continue to respond explosively.

lee min jung instagram

Fans showed reactions such as “There’s a reason for all the pretty things”, “Your mother is so elegant”, “She’s beautiful” and “You have superior genetics.”

Lee Min Jung

Meanwhile, Lee Min-jung married actor Lee Byung-hun in 2013 and they have one son. Recently, Lee Min-jung was cast in the new drama “The Heyday of the Villains”.

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