A family with 13 children,” Nam Bo Ra confesses that she wasn’t aware that her mother had given birth to another baby

The story of an actress who is the eldest sister in a family with 13 children once again surprised the audience.

Nam Bo Ra is an actress known for her role in “The Moon Embracing the Sun”, who is also famous for her story of being the eldest sister in a family of 13 children. As the eldest sister, Nam Bo Ra suffered many disadvantages. She was not allowed to attend extra classes and had to help her parents take care of her siblings. She even used her acting income from the age of 15 to pay for her siblings’ school tuition.

Nam Bo Ra family

Recently, the actress appeared on “Radio Star” and once again told the rare story of her family with a new highlight. It is known that Nam Bo Ra’s family has 13 children, with 8 sons and 5 daughters. Her mother gave birth to her first child at the age of 23 and the youngest at the age of 45. However, Nam Bo Ra had no clues that her mother was pregnant with the youngest brother. She returned home to discover that her mother had given birth to him and…realized she had another younger brother.

Nam Bo Ra family
Nam Bo Ra’s large family

The actress further explained, “The moment my youngest brother was born was really dramatic. I raised my 12th brother as if he were the youngest. I bought him expensive things, gave him the best things. But then one day I returned home and found out there was another newborn baby at home.”

It turned out that Nam Bo Ra didn’t know about the birth of a new member in the family because she was too busy as a college student. Also, her mother did not tell her about the pregnancy. The actress also added: “I was very confused and surprised. I kept thinking, ‘Who is this? Whose baby is this? Do I need to raise this one too?’. I didn’t plan to help my mother take care of this baby too, but I changed my mind later because my mother was having a hard time. And when I started taking care of him, I realized that he was so cute.”

Nam Bo Ra family
Nam Bo Ra thought the 12th child was already the youngest,…
Nam Bo Ra family
… until one day when she got home and found out that her mother had given birth to another baby.

Nam Bo Ra’s story once again surprised the audience. As the eldest sister in a large family, she suffered many disadvantages but also gained much experience that few people have. Many viewers sent wishes to Nam Bo Ra and her family to always be happy.

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