Moon Embracing the Sun actress Nam Bo Ra shares about her hard life of being the first child in a family with 13 children

Because she has too many siblings, the beauty of Moon Embracing the Sun has suffered many disadvantages.

The families, siblings of famous actors and singers also receive the attention of netizens like stars.  Normally, stars only have a few siblings, but actress Nam Bo Ra shocked netizens when she revealed that she was the first child of a family with 13 children.

Nam Bo Ra

Nam Bo Ra said she was born in 1989, her youngest sibling was born in 2008. The actress’s family has a total of 8 sons and 5 daughters.  Being the eldest child in a large family, the beauty of Moon Embracing the Sun caused many disadvantages, but she also had experiences that others did not have.  The actress shared her story on the latest issue of Sikker Heo Young Man’s Alumni Journey.

Nam Bo Ra
Nam Bo Ra
Nam Bo Ra is the oldest sister, she also has 12 other siblings

From an early age, Nam Bo Ra helped her parents look after her younger brothers and sisters, giving her many experiences.  Currently, her married friends often ask the actress about her experience of taking care of a baby.

But also because there are so many brothers and sisters, Nam Bo Ra has suffered many disadvantages.  The beauty of Moon Embracing the Sun was not allowed to attend kindergarten.  Nam Bo Ra could not attend extra classes due to the difficult financial situation of her family.  She became an actress at the age of 15, and used the money she earned to help her parents and pay tuition for her siblings.

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From a young age, Nam Bo Ra suffered many disadvantages to help her parents take care of her siblings

To Nam Bo Ra’s confession, MC Heo Young Man encouraged her: “Mom and dad must be very reassured of you. But you’ve also had to go through hardships that your peers don’t know about.” The actress burst into tears but quickly replied, “But now that my siblings are grown up, I feel like I’m living my own life. When there is no schedule, I will go to my parents’ store to help.  My family has 15 birthdays all year round, and during the graduation season in January and February, they are extremely busy.”

Nam Bo Ra’s sharings surprised the audience.  She had a childish face, but it turned out that the actress had to soon help her parents take care of the family.  Many viewers sympathize with Nam Bo Ra and wish her family happiness.

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