Durex released a poster related to Kris Wu that made netizens unable to stop laughing

As news related to Kris Wu also are hot trend, Durex suddenly implicitly mentioned the former EXO member in its latest post.

After Kris Wu’s private life scandal broke out, 15 brands simultaneously cut off contracts with this scandalous male idol.  From one of the four most famous male stars in China, Kris Wu not only lost everything, but also faced a huge amount of compensation and the risk of being sent to prison.

Kris Wu

However, in this moment, there is still one brand that still “stands by” the former EXO member, which is Durex.  This popular condom brand caught the trend extremely quickly and immediately launched a satirical advertisement.  Still a familiar image, but this time, the company’s introduction is “自命不凡“, which means ‘pride oneself on being out of the ordinary’. In addition, the image of a condom is shaped like the word ‘Fan’ (凡), accompanied by small strokes like a white toothpick.

kris wu

With only one image, but Durex reminds people of a series of shocking details in Kris Wu’s sex drama.  According to Du Meidzu, Kris Wu is the one who did not like to use safety measures (condoms) when having sex, and constantly commented on the size of his penis.

Currently, Kris Wu’s scandal is still a hot topic on social networks throughout Asia.  Any news related to the male idol attracts the attention of a large number of netizens not only in China but also in many other countries.

Source: K14

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