Jessi competes with her mother on body figure during Thailand trip

Rapper Jessi boasted superior mother-daughter chemistry with her mother.

It’s not uncommon to see parents and children share similar features, but when it comes to Jessi and her mother, the resemblance goes beyond facial features. 


During their recent vacation in Thailand, Jessi and her mother showed off their amazing figures, proving that beauty runs in the family.

On March 21, Jessi posted a photo on her Instagram, featuring herself and her mother dressed in orange summer outfits. 

Jessi’s off-shoulder fashion choice accentuated her curvy and glamorous figure, while her mother’s toned body also caught netizens’ attention. The visual chemistry between the two left many in awe.


As a solo artist, Jessi has been gaining a lot of attention for her captivating presence. Her recent departure from her previous agency, P Nation, has allowed her to explore new opportunities. 

In April 2022, Jessi released a new song called “Zoom” and appeared in various TV shows, including “Six Sense 3.”

Despite her busy schedule, Jessi has been taking some time off to enjoy a vacation with her mother. From the looks of the photo, they seem to be having a great time bonding and making memories together.

Source: Nate

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