Lee Byung Hun and Moon Se Yoon’s famous bathroom story… Lee Min Jung “I heard it from my husband”

Actress Lee Min Jung mentioned the bathroom story of Moon Se Yoon and her husband Lee Byung Hun.

On SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show“, which aired on Jan 2nd, the main actors Kwon Sang Woo and Lee Min Jung of the movie “Switch” appeared as guests.

On this day, special MC Moon Se Yoon mentioned “Moon Se Yoon and Lee Byung Hun‘s bathroom story”. Lee Min Jung shared, “I’ve heard of it. I’ve already heard of it from my husband.

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Moon Se Yoon recalled, “I met Lee Byung Hun in the bathroom of the Baeksang Arts Awards. He was doing his business. The place next to him was empty, so I went there. He looked at me and said, ‘We can’t even shake hands since we meet like this.’

He caused laughter by adding, “I met Lee Byung Hun again the next year. The humorous thing is that he didn’t have to come to me, but he came to me. So I reached out my hand. However, he said, ‘We can’t shake hands this time too because your hands are wet.’ He came to repeat a gag after a year. I’m a comedian, and I feel deeply moved.

Lee Byung-hun-Lee Min Jung

Lee Min Jung confessed, “My husband wants to be funny.” Kwon Sang Woo made everyone laugh as he said, “I hope you two meet again.

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