BLACKPINK Rosé – Lisa’s unreal waist size sets the standard for Kpop female idols

BLACKPINK Rosé and Lisa never fail to impress with their skinny bodies, especially the incredibly tiny waists.

BLACKPINK members are always praised for having the best bodies in the Kpop industry. In particular, Lisa and Rosé are often listed among the top female idols with “unattainable” waist size. Their tiny ant waists help the duo look stunning in any kind of outfit and stand out everywhere they go. So what exactly is the size of Lisa and Rosé’s waists that makes it a standard to be compared to all the female celebrities with the nicest bodies in Kbiz?

Rose: 60cm or 48cm?

Rosé is famous for her incredibly tiny waist. Her waist is known to be only 48cm. However, the female idol once corrected this measurement on the show “King Of Mask Singer”. Rosé said, “I don’t think a person can live with a 48-cm waist. That’s the size according to the fans’ judgment. Recently, I asked our stylist to measure my waist and the correct size is 60cm”.

Every time Rosé appears, fans can’t help but stare at the female idol’s amazingly small waist. Seen from any angle, Rosé’s waist still looks impressive. Although the 11-line abs are not clearly visible, the toned and unbelievably tiny waist of the “Australian sweetheart” is still the goal of many girls. It also makes her look more feminine and flexible in every photo.

Rosé’s incredibly small waist is the dream of many girls

Lisa: Under 60cm or 70cm?

There are many rumors that Lisa’s waist size is only 51cm, but there is also information that her waist is even up to… 70cm. However, both of these numbers are actually incorrect. According to BLACKPINK’s stylist, Lisa wears size 0 pants and her tiny waist is below 60cm.

Lisa’s waist looks as attractive and toned as her fellow member Rosé. Lisa is often called the “physical queen”. Her gorgeous body is considered he standard in the industry. The youngest member of BLACKPINK has a well-defined waist, with outstanding abs. Together with her long legs, ideal body proportions and perfectly symmetrical bone structure, Lisa’s figure is truly a dream, as perfect as a mannequin.

Both on…
… and off the stage, Lisa’s waist looks insanely stunning

Source: K14

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