How BLACKPINK Rosé changed from girl with a musical dream to top Kpop idol

To become the shining star she is today, BLACKPINK Rosé has overcome a lot of difficulties 

As one of the most influential Kpop idols of the moment, BLACKPINK Rosé boasts extensive talent, from singing, dancing, rapping, to modeling. However, her path to achieving this is no simple task. 

blackpink rose
Rosé constantly improves herself to become a “perfect” Kpop idol

Recently, Rosé shared in an interview about her decision to audition for YG Entertainment. Apparently, the female idol’s father signed up for the YG audition in Australia, having seen his daughter sing and play the piano at midnight multiple times. In addition, she’d often sing “Listen” by Beyoncé out of tune, tiring her family out. 

Rose Blackpink
Rosé was so in love with music she would belt out songs at midnight

Rosé dedicated to try out the audition just to test her abilities, only to surpass 700 applicants and became an official trainee at YG. She then moved to Korea to pursue her musical dream. 

Despite having little expectations, Rosé passed the audition for YG Entertainment

Fresh in Korea, Rosé knew next to nothing about musical techniques, from composing to dancing. At the time, she was just a 15-year-old girl with a dream for music, and was feeling extremely out of place far from home. 

Rosé entered YG as a simple 15-year-old girl with a dream
Rose Blackpink
As a trainee, there were times Rosé felt out of place in Korea

Throughout her training period, Rosé constantly improves her knowledge and skills, before getting to debut with BLACKPINK after 4 years of training. She has since experienced a complete transformation, going from a girl with no technique and only passion, into BLACKPINK’s impressive main vocalist and lead dancer. 

Besides, the female idol’s skills are also highly appreciated. She knows how to write lyrics and can even rap.

Rose Blackpink
Rosé, after 4 years of training, has become a top vocalist of the 3rd generation
Blackpink Rose
She is also appreciated for her dancing skills.
The female idol has gradually gotten used to composing lyrics for her own songs.
Rose Blackpink
Rosé can also rap too

Rosé made a hugely successful solo debut with the album R and the singles “On The Ground” and “Gone,” in addition to her work with BLACKPINK. Currently, Rosé is also the Ambassador, “muse” for many brands such as Saint Laurent, Homeplus, Tiffany & Co. and O!Oi Collection. The female idol is frequently praised for her outstanding charm whenever she attends an event, makes an appearance on a magazine cover, or shoots a TV commercial.

Rose Blackpink
Rosé has a very successful solo debut
Rose Blackpink
She appeared on the covers of many prestigious magazines.
blackpink rose
The female idol is always the center of attention when appearing at events.

Rosé has always strived relentlessly to become the perfect version of herself. Because of this, fans love her even more.

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