Chae Jung An shares morning routine, “I eat a spoon of mineral salt a day. It gives me energy”

Actress Chae Jung An revealed her simple morning routine in the new item review video.

On July 6th, the Youtube channel “Chae Jung An TV” uploaded a video titled “Chae Jung An Review Items of 2023 First Half”.

In the video, Chae Jung An shared, “All this time, after a year, two years, ‘First Half Review Items’ became a staple of mine. Chae Jung An TV’s best picks, best times, and food, too… Let’s take a look”, then introduced five items.

Chae Jung An

The actress showed clean mineral salt as the third item, following Nurungji and Truffle Chips. She said, “No matter what, in the morning, I’ll gargle with it and brush my teeth with it. And that’s the red one. That one has a lot of calcium. This one has more minerals. Eating the salt, brushing my teeth. It made me feel like I’m really taking care of myself and doing a good job. There’s this really strong life energy that salt gives.”

Chae Jung An

She continued, “Recently, there’s been some sad news about a salt shortage and there’s a lot of controversy. Don’t be too scared. The things that go in your body by default need to be checked and scrutinized”, adding “I started with healthy salt. It’s been half a year. The thing is… In the morning when I’m feeling down and when I go to work after eating this or when I go out, it gives me a fighting spirit. I’m making salt part of my routine in my daily life.”

Regarding the way to eat mineral salt, Chae Jung An explained, “I eat a spoon a day! With lukewarm water”. After that, she also recommended new items, such as collagen packs and wine.

Source: Naver

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