Im Yoona: “I’m happy that Lee Jong-seok is my husband in ‘Big Mouth’”

No one expected that Yoona would act so well.

This is the story of Im Yoona, who swallowed the title of “actress” that goes beyond Girls’ Generation and an “acting idol”.

big mouth

Big Mouth” tells the story of Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong-seok), a lawyer with 10% winning rate who accidentally took charge of a mysterious murder case, becoming the genius fraudster “Big Mouse” after one day and started digging into the ugly truth of the privileged class marred by a huge conspiracy to protect his family. Yoona played the role of Ko Mi-ho, Park Chang-ho’s wife and a nurse in the drama. Ko Mi-ho is a person who struggles in the center of the devil’s lair to save Park Chang-ho. As such, her chemistry with the other actors was more important than ever, and Im Yoona has played her role perfectly. She led the drama with Lee Jong-seok by dramatically showing their lives as a newlywed couple before developing into comrades who overcome the crisis together.

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“It’s been a long time since I’ve known Lee Jong-seok, but it was my first time working together with him as we were only on a greeting basis. I think it was new and fun. I think he is an actor who expresses his emotional lines so well in detail, which is why there were many advantages while working with him. As I said at the production presentation, I thought it was not bad that my husband was Lee Jong-seok, but I am even more grateful that everyone like our chemistry.”

Due to the nature of the noir genre, the heavy atmosphere is bound to be maintained. It was also Yoona’s responsibility to evoke such an atmosphere in the story. It was even said that their past romance scenes were the only time when the viewers could relax while following the show.

big mouth

“Every time scenes of our past came out, I filmed those preciously. We were also physically separated while filming on the set, so there were quite a few scenes that we did not appear together, but in particular, there were many scenes of our past that were sweeter, cute, and fresh. I think those were more precious and enjoyable because there were many parts that were filmed with a different tone. I’ve rarely done any work in school uniforms, so I think my fans value the scene. While filming this drama, there were many people who wanted to see me wearing school uniforms and wearing doctor’s gowns, and I think this is a work where I have shown you both.”

There is also a certain scene that left the most intense impression on viewers. It was the scene of her confrontation with Kim Joo-heon. Her acting of pouring out anger at Choi Do-ha after hearing that Park Chang-ho died was truly a great scene that raised the emotional line of the drama to the highest level.

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“That scene really has the strongest expression among Mi-ho’s emotion and among among acting works that I’ve been working on. Joo-heon, who plays Do-ha, made the scene comfortable for me, saying he wanted me to act as much as I wanted. He told me not to care too much that I was hitting him, and that he wanted me to hit him hard as much as I wanted, so I held him to the point where his clothes were torn. It was enough for a stylist to come and sew his clothes at the end of each cut. I said I was sorry, but he told me that he liked it a lot, and the director and staff filmed the scene so well on the spot and made it for me. They made a situation where I could focus on acting completely and comfortably. I kept saying thank you to him while filming.”

Source: daum

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