SM’s male idols went to famous bakery Sungsimdang… The reason why fans lamented

There was an incident where famous male idols belonging to SM Entertainment heard fans’ lament.

Their identity is the popular idol group NCT 127, which recently made a splendid comeback with their new song “2 Baddies”.

In commemoration of the album’s release, NCT 127 is actively communicating with fans by holding fan signing events in various regions such as Busan, Gwangju and Daegu.

nct 127

On Sep 18th, several photos of the members who visited Daejeon were uploaded on NCT 127’s official Twitter with the caption “In Daejeon #Sungsimdang. See you soon”.

The photos showed members Doyoung, Jungwoo and Mark standing brightly with the bread they bought at Sungsimdang.

However, for some reason, fans were very sad when they saw these photos.

The reason was that the three did not buy famous bread at Sungsimdang, which is famous for being one of the five major bakeries in Korea.

Many fans felt deep regret as if it was their job, saying, “They went to Sungsimdang but just bought twisted bread sticks and mocha buns.”

Of course, all kinds of bread at Sungsimdang are delicious, but if you go to Daejeon, you have to choose the “signature bread” that can only be tasted at Sungsimdang.

nct 127

Fans living in Daejeon even recommended a menu, “If you come to Sungsimdang, you have to buy Bomunsan Mountain echoes, ink bats and pollack roe baguettes.”

Looking at the background of the photos, one netizen was upset that they seemed to have visited the Sungsimdang Daejeon Convention Center Branch, which is the smallest branch of the Sungsimdang store.

NCT 127 is also well known as “small eaters”, which is hard to find among male idol groups.

In the video titled “Let’s Fill Up Our MemoriesㅣFill It UpㅣEP. 1” recently released on their official YouTube channel, they almost left 2 plates of spicy stir-fried chicken.

In the video titled “We’re the Best Friends | 7llin’ in the DREAM | EP. 2” released on NCT Dream’s official YouTube last year, the members said that 5 bags of spicy noodles were too many for 7 people.

Considering that BTS’ leader RM asked Samyang to increase the capacity by 1.5 times, saying that one bag of spicy noodles was too small through a V LIVE broadcast last year, it can be seen that NCT members do not eat a lot.

nct 127

Regarding this, some responded pleasantly that NCT members did not have much interest in food, so they seemed to have chosen the bread they wanted to eat without thinking much even when they went to Sungsimdang.

Source: insight

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