Fans ask Momoland to disband as members are engrossed in dating

The leader of Momoland was criticized for secretly dating a male idol, causing netizens to recall Nancy’s dating scandal.

The love story of Hye Bin (Momoland) and Marco (former UNB member) is a controversial topic these days.  Fans discovered that the 2 idols often used couple clothes and took pictures in the same place.  The management companies of the two finally had to confirm that Hye Bin and Marco are dating. Although the audience’s thoughts about idol dating have become more open, this love story still makes fans angry.  The climax was when fans accused Marco of lying. He used to go to the fan’s chat group to deny the dating news, but actually secretly dated Hyebin.

There are rumors that Hye Bin and Marco are living together. To be more precise, Marco has moved to live in his girlfriend’s rented house.  Fans also accused the male idol of giving fans gifts to Hye Bin.

The dating story of 2 idols affects Momoland’s reputation. Within 2 years, 4 members of Momoland were dating or rumored to be dating.

In early 2019, Korean media reported that Daisy was dating Song Yun Hyeong (iKON).  Momoland’s management company quickly admitted that the couple had been dating for about 3 months. YG flatly denied it and affirmed that they only had sympathy for each other, but had not yet reached the stage of dating. After the news broke, Daisy had to suspend activities with Momoland, then left the group.

Also in 20219, netizens spread photos of Nancy while hanging out with 2 The Boyz members, Eric and Q. Momoland’s management company said that this was just a meeting between friends of the same age. However, it still made Momoland fans and netizens uncomfortable.  

Fans also caught another Momoland member, JooE on the street holding hands with an unknown man, which fueled dating suspicions. Later, the agency stated that it was simply a long-time close friend of JooE, and they were going to buy audio equipment together.

After a series of old scandals, netizens thought that Momoland should disband because the members are engrossed in dating. 

Yeonwoo (a former member of Momoland)

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