“Phantom” Park So Dam,”I became a fan of Park Na Rae after watching a comedy when she was tired and depressed”

Actress Park So Dam boasted about her friendship with comedian Park Na Rae.

Lee Ha Nee and Park So Dam, the main character actresses of the movie “Phantom”, guested on tvN’s entertainment program “Amazing Saturday”, which aired on the evening of January 28th.

Park Na Rae park so dam

On the broadcast, someone said to Park So Dam, “I heard you are a successful fan of Park Na Rae”. The actress responded, “She sat behind me at the 2016 Baeksang Arts Awards. During the time when I was really exhausted and depressed, I accidentally watched ‘Ssom & Ssam’ on repeat. I laughed a lot and kept wondering, ‘How can she act so well?’. I really liked her because she made me laugh”.  

Park Na Rae park so dam

Recalling the past, Park So Dam added, “Later, I asked her to take a picture with me and contacted her through DM. We even filmed the show ‘Gamsung Camping’ together”.

Park Na Rae reacted, “She also came to ‘Na Rae’s Bar’ to play”.

Park So Dam also said she wanted to meet SHINee Key. The actress shared, “I got close to Min Ho after filming a drama together. I really want to see you two bickering and also how you dance so well”. Hearing that, Key stood up and prepared a dance, drawing laughter.

Meanwhile, the movie “Phantom”, starring Lee Ha Nee and Park So Dam, is currently screened in theaters.

Source: wikitree

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