58th Baeksang Awards: Hard to choose the national acting representatives for “The Best Acting Award” in the TV sector

The TV sector is fiercer than ever.

Actors who can be called “national representatives” through their acting will face off at this year’s Baeksang Arts Awards. They are the protagonists who transcend the limits of roles and genres and even cross any country’s borders. Using the global OTT (Online Video Streaming Service) as a foothold, they created a global syndrome and digested the leading protagonist roles of any action or court genres. They created new characters that the audience had never seen before, or sharply portrayed social problems with their fierce gaze and delicate acting.

Baeksang 2022

The 10 best actors who performed their best in the past year were nominated for the “Best Acting Award” in the TV category. Who will win the trophy among them? You can check out the result at the 58th Baeksang Arts Awards, which will be broadcast live on JTBC · JTBC2 · JTBC4 from 7:45 pm on May 6th.

The “Best Actor Award” in Korea for the protagonists of the global K-drama syndrome

He is a trustworthy actor. Kim Nam-gil, who hit the jackpot with “The Fiery Priest” in 2019, reproduced another TV success in three years with SBS “Through The Darkness”. He succeeded in capturing the development of the main character through his passionate acting. Through this crime drama based on a true story, he created a meaningful work thought his trustworthy acting skill.

kim nam gil

Korea is too narrow for Lee Jung-jae. He has left a strong impression on overseas fans through various works, and has established himself as a global star that no one can deny through Netflix’s “Squid Game”. Within four weeks after its official release, the series captivated more than 100 million viewers, and he was invited to awards ceremonies around the world, confirming his status of a global syndrome.

squid game

Amidst the prime time of OTT works, Lee Jun-ho is the first contributor to protecting the pride of terrestrial TV dramas. He stole the hearts of domestic and foreign viewers through MBC’s “The Red Sleeve”. Lee Jun-ho debuted as a member of the group 2PM in 2008 and is currently in his ninth year as an actor. After being discharged from the military, he successfully opened his second heyday with the hit “The Red Sleeve”, which was his comeback work.

Lee Jun Ho

For Im Si-wan, the boundaries of different broadcast platforms are not an issue. This was proven with “Tracer”, an OTT original work on wavve. Through “Tracer”, which adopted a unique method in which it was first released on OTT before being broadcast on MBC, he captivated viewers on both platform. He showed a passionate performance that did not disappoint. He played an active role as the main character, going back and forth between comical and serious acting, drawing favorable reviews such as “As expected from Im Si-wan”.

Im Si Wan Tracer

Through Netflix’s “D.P”, Jung Hae-in easily made a breakthrough from the limitation of his modifier “Nation’s Younger Brother”. Jung Hae-in, who was thought to only suit melodramas, showed off his charm in a work set in the military. Jung Hae-in’s experience helped him captivate the hearts of the viewers. The absurdity of military life was painfully depicted in the drama, causing a great social sensation.

Jung Hae In

“Best Actress” nominees who created the fearless “Actress Boom”

Kim Tae-ri is an actress who doesn’t know about failure. In her second drama – tvN’s “Twenty-five Twenty-one”, she helped the drama lead the rating chart with her great performance. “Twenty-five Twenty-one” also gave her the nickname “Chemistry Queen”. She could create perfect chemistry with any character. In particular, even when playing a teenage character and depicting a pure story that is like in a comic book, she was still able to convince the viewers with only 80% of her acting skills.

Twenty five twenty one

Stories focusing on female characters have become a major theme in dramas and movies. And Kim Hye-soo is always at the center of this trend. She transformed into a judge of the juvenile court in the Netflix series “Juvenile Justice” and shone at the center of a serious and heavy drama. As expected, she led the story excellently through deep performances. Kim Hye-soo succeeded in attracting the attention of domestic and overseas viewers to “Juvenile Justice”.

Kim Hye Soo

A female king dressed as a man. This actress created a completely new character. It was done by Park Eun-bin of KBS 2TV’s “The King’s Affection”. In this drama, she showed her unique and powerful voice and delicate expressions. The unprecedented material, which could easily be made unrealistically, was settled as a historical drama with the background set in the Joseon Dynasty. With this work, Park Eun-bin made men and women of all ages fall in love with her.

Lee Se-young appeared as the strong and lovely court lady Deok-im. MBC’s mega-hit drama “The Red Sleeve” depicted the charm, which is sometimes cute, sometimes nice, and sometimes sad, of the female lead Sung Deok-im. Lee Se-young challenged a complicated character since she had to depict the long growing-up process of Deok-im, from when she is an 18-year-old court lady until she becomes a concubine. Lee Se-young drew tears and laughter from the small screen audiences and confirmed her presence as a “historical drama queen” once again.

Lee Se Young

Han So-hee proved her extraordinary potential and acting experience through Netflix’s “My Name”. Created in the action genre, this 8-episode series helped her become one of the top female protagonists. Acting alongside veteran actors, Han So-hee was not pushed back at all. She performed everything perfectly, from action scenes to delicate emotional acting. The viewers were once again surprised by Han So-hee’s outstanding potential. 


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