BTOB Yook Sung-jae: “I once didn’t pay and walked out of the department store, I flopped down in embarrassment”

BTOB Yook Sung-jae confessed the dizzying happening that happened when he forgot to pay.  

BTOB Lee Min-hyuk, Yook Sung-jae, and Lim Hyun-sik appeared on KBS Cool FM’s “Jung Eun-ji’s Gayo Plaza,” which aired on Feb 22nd.

On this day, they had a quiz time to find out the secrets of the members. In the last question, Yook Sung-jae gave the question, “What’s my most embarrassing moment,” he even gave some hints, saying “It happened in a really private place. It happened at a department store.”

BTOB Yook Sungjae

There were various incorrect answers, from mistaking “payment sign request” as “fan sign request” to exceeding the card limit, but the right answer was “walking out without paying at the clothing store.” Yook Sung-jae said, “That sweatshirt was so pretty. I said I would wear it right away and has walked away for about 30m. The staff then followed me and said, “You didn’t pay and left. I was so embarrassed that I flopped down on the spot,” he confessed. “Even the employee said, ‘I wanted to let you go because I was a fan, but I’m also an employee.’ After that, I can’t go to that store anymore. Still, that fan kindly settled it out for me,” he added.

BTOB Yook Sungjae

Meanwhile, BTOB, who returned as a complete group after four years, released its third full-length album “Be Together” on February 21st.

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