“If your vice-principle is a fan of Taeyeon, you might encounter this situation… I was really surprised” – An old story about Taeyeon’s fans is being recalled

The way this vice-principle, who was a true fan of singer Taeyeon, showed affection for the students is being re-examined. This is incredible.

Recently, an article titled, “This is what happens when the vice principal is Taeyeon’s fan”, was posted on Korean online communities, such as Dogdrip, 고급유머, etc. The article contained a message posted by a high school junior who was about to take the CSAT exam in November 2019 on Taeyeon DC Inside’s Gallery.

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Taeyeon fans

OP (original poster) released some footage showing the homeroom teacher distributing Taeyeon’s second full album “Purpose” at school and some photoshoots in the album. OP also said, “The vice-principal gave 400 copies of Taeyeon’s album to all Year 3 students in our school”. 

snsd taeyeon

The appearance of the OP, who was a high school senior student, opening the album’s photobook and discovering a photocard is enough to prove the warm heart of the vice-principal.

Taeyeon’s fans were surprised to hear this story and they reacted, “Wow, that’s amazing”, “400 albums? OMG”, “I want to exchange my photocards with them”, “My teacher is a fan of SECHSKIES and she also gave albums to the freshmen”, “This is such a beautiful story”.

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