People thought she was just a normal person… It turns out that she is a top star

Coupang Play’s series “Anna” finished filming on March 23rd (Wednesday).

Coupang Play’s series “Anna“, where you can see a new side of actress Suzy, finished filming on March 23rd (Wednesday) after 6 months. “Anna” tells the story of a woman who lives a completely different life starting with a small lie.

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“Anna” is drawing attention as Suzy, who became a successful actress through movies “Architecture 101”, “Ashfall” and dramas “Vagabond”, “Start Up”, takes on the title role. On top of that, Jung Eun-chae, Kim Jun-han and Park Ye-young, who have solid acting skills, join the cast, foretelling a hot acting synergy. Director Lee Joo-young, who was recognized for her directing and workmanship through the 2017 movie “A Single Rider”, helm and pen the work, raising expectations.

suzy anna

In addition, veteran producers such as camera director Lee Eui-tae and editorial director Kim Jung-hoon, who won Best Cinematography and Lighting at the Blue Dragon Film Awards through “The Book of Fish”, Korea’s representative music director Mowg of “Masquerade”, “Miss Granny”, “Deliver Us from Evil” join the production team to add trust.

the book of fish

Suzy, who plays the role of Yumi, a woman who loses her true identity after living as someone else because of a minor lie that she made up, expressed her affectionate feelings,It’s a unique character that I can’t easily meet as an actress. The character’s psychological change stands out depending on the circumstances that change with the passing of time. Since (the character’s emotional line) is the characteristic of this work, I’ll show you a new side of me through ‘Anna’.”

suzy anna

Director Lee Joo-young expressed her gratitude and aspirations, “I sincerely thank the actors and staff for doing their best until the end. I’ll focus on the post-production stage so that Anna’s various emotions and the characters’ stories can reach viewers’ hearts.”

lee joo young

“Anna”, which raises expectations with a different story, intense characters and Suzy’s new acting transformation, will be unveiled through Coupang Play in the summer of 2022.

Source: daum

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