Suzy, “Anna is a unique character that I can’t easily meet as an actress”

Actress Suzy announced her new acting challenge with Coupang Play’s series “Anna”.

Coupang Play unveiled still cuts of “Anna” on June 7th. They show how Suzy, a teenager wearing a school uniform, changes in her 20s and 30s.

“Anna” tells the story of a woman who lives a completely different life starting with a small lie. It is based on Jung Han-ah’s novel “Intimate Stranger”. Suzy takes on the role of Anna. This is her first solo lead role. The actress is expected to act out the upheaval of a woman’s life from her late teens to her late 30s.


Suzy said, “It’s a unique character that I can’t easily meet as an actress. The character’s psychological change stands out depending on the circumstances that change with the passing of time.” She then reaffirmed her determination, “Since (the character’s emotional line) is the characteristic of this work, I’ll show you a new side of me through ‘Anna’.”

“Anna” was written and directed by director Lee Joo-young of “A Single Rider”. Aside from Suzy, Jung Eun-chae, Kim Jun-han and Park Ye-young will also appear. “Anna” can be found on Coupang Play every Friday at 8 PM, starting from June 24th.

Source: Dispatch

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