A fire recently broke out at the construction site next to HYBE office building 

A fire accident has just occurred near HYBE office building in Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

According to reports, HYBE’s music museum “HYBE Insight” has been urgently suspended. 

On Twitter and other SNS sites, witnesses said that a fire broke out at the construction site of the building next to HYBE office on November 8th.

Hybe fire accident

One netizen posted several photos and said, “I came to see the photo exhibition but they told me to just go because there was a fire at the construction site nearby and there could be harmful gases.”

About 10 fire trucks have been dispatched to the building construction site where the fire occurred. Firefighting work is still being carried out.

Hybe fire accident

In an interview with SBS Entertainment News, HYBE said, “For safety reasons, we already evacuated everyone in our office building”.

Source: dispatch

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