Park Ji Hoon, “‘Weak Hero’ is the turning point in my life”

Park Ji Hoon talked about the success of “Weak Hero” and his experiences working with Hong Kyung and Choi Hyun Wook. 

Singer-actor Park Ji Hoon once again proved his potential. He played the male lead Yeon Si Eun in wavve’s new series “Weak Hero Class 1” (hereinafter referred to as “Weak Hero”), and successfully depicted the unstable growth of his character. Thanks to his excellent performance, Korea was immersed in “Weak Hero” syndrome.

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In a recent interview with Sports Kyunghyang, Park Ji Hoon talked about the filming of “Weak Hero”, his feelings about the good results, and his affection for co-stars Choi Hyun Wook and Hong Kyung. 

First of all, he shared, “I was very nervous since it was my first time doing an action drama. I researched and discussed with the director a lot on how to build Si Eun, a character that contradicts my image as an idol. I believed that this work could be a turning point in my life.”

■ No.1 drama in paid subscriptions on wavve. Park Ji Hoon’s rediscovery.

Releasing all 8 episodes at once on November 18th, “Weak Hero” became the drama that attracted the most new paid subscribers on wavve this year. There were also many positive reviews about “Weak Hero” in online communities. In this regard, Park Ji Hoon said, “This is the drama with the best result in my career. I actually didn’t expect it to be this successful. My friends don’t watch dramas I starred in, but this time they liked ‘Weak Hero’. I’m happy that many people enjoyed watching it”.

Park Ji-hoon

Playing Si Eun, Park Ji Hoon showed his improved acting skills in every scene, especially when he has to convey strong emotions through eye acting. As a result, many viewers called this “a rediscovery of Park Ji Hoon”. 

Park Ji Hoon shared, “I concentrated on the situation as much as I could and immersed myself in the atmosphere naturally. Si Eun didn’t have many lines, so I focused on acting with my eyes and tried to convey the character’s loneliness and intense emotions”. Regarding the high-level violent scenes, he said, “Making an image transformation definitely made me feel pressured. Since I wanted to be recognized, I tried to approach Si Eun and worked hard.”

Park Ji-hoon

■ “I learned a lot from ‘textbook’ Hong Kyung and ‘idea bank’ Choi Hyun Wook”

Park Ji Hoon’s perfect teamwork with Hong Kyung and Choi Hyun Wook created a great synergy effect. The stories about the three teaming up and solving conflicts doubled the fun of “Weak Hero”. Park Ji Hoon said, “We got closer a little by little through talks during the shoot. Our awkwardness at the beginning was also reflected in the work. We’re same-age friends, so we naturally became close without trying. Maybe that’s why I feel a little empty without them.”

Park Ji-hoon

He also poured out compliments for his co-stars, saying “Hong Kyung’s acting is like a standard. He’s like a textbook in acting, and I learned from him a lot. Meanwhile, Choi Hyun Wook gave lots of ideas. He’s an actor who can express many things in just one line. He performed ad-libs freely without crossing the line”, adding “I realized many things about acting after working with them”.

Lastly, Park Ji Hoon said, “I want to try playing a villain, a real bad guy. I want to show a new image like that”.

Source: Naver

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