Han So-hee Apologized To Choi Min-sik For Not Being There For His Joke “I should have flown and crawled there”

Han So-hee apologized to big senior Choi Min-sik after he made a joke about her.

Showbox, the distributor of the movie “Exhuma,” shared a video of the cast’s stage greeting on February 24th.

At the stage greeting, veteran actor Choi Min-sik said, “Personally, it’s been a while since I came out on stage. It’s so nice to see you after COVID-19.” While the audience was buzzing, he added, “A junior came to congratulate me on this occasion. You know Han So-hee, right?

Choi Min-sik then shouted, “So-hee, stand up.” When everyone looked around to find Han So-her, the actor suddenly said, “It’s a joke. I’m sorry. I don’t know why I’m doing this.

In the midst of this, Han So-hee responded in a funny way to the joke. She shared the video to her Instagram story and apologized to her senior, “I should have gone there, flying or crawling. I’m really sorry that I dared to not be there for the joke from my senior.” At the same time, she praised his movie, “I’m obsessed with ‘Exhuma’” and “I’m obsessed with Choi Min-sik,” saying, “I approve.

Meanwhile, “Exhuma” is a mystery film about the bizarre events of feng shui undertakers, and shamans who moved a suspicious mausoleum for a large amount of money. It is currently being screened in high praise.

Source: Herald Pop

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