Lee Si Eon and Pani Bottle were assaulted by a foreign woman while filming for a variety show

A foreign woman interrupted the filming of “Adventure by Accident” and shattered the camera of Pani Bottle.

On the afternoon of Jan 15th, MBC’s entertainment show “Adventure by Accident” showed Eonie Pani – Lee Si Eon and Pani Bottle – going on a healing camping trip together.

On the second day of their trip to La Paz, Bolivia’s capital, Kian84 went a long way to meet his local friend, while Eonie Pani arrived at a cool camping site.

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This camping site was recommended by Pani Bottle after he visited it in the past.

The two were simply healing over steak and alcohol. Suddenly, a foreign woman appeared and shattered their healing time.

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The woman grabbed and threw the camera of the “Adventure by Accident” team, which eventually broke its lens. The camera owner, Pani Bottle, could not hold back his anger as he said, “Don’t touch our camera.”

The atmosphere suddenly became ugly. Jang Do Yeon and Simon D, who were watching the video at the studio, were surprised by the situation and couldn’t close their mouths.

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As the situation became serious, the owner of the camping site stepped in to stop the foreign woman. But the woman rarely calmed down. She reportedly claimed her reason for being angry was the “drone sound.”

Lee Si Eon said, “At that time, we made a campfire and were emptying our heads while looking at the fire, but I kept hearing drone noises around. We didn’t have a drone staff. The drones were from other guests, and the sound was loud,” he said.

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But a foreign lady suddenly came, thinking those were our drones and said, ‘Isn’t it your team?’ so I said, ‘No team, no team,’ but she threw Pani Bottle’s camera on the floor and broke its lens,” he explained.

The only thing left after the shocking situation was the broken camera of Pani Bottle. Jang Do Yeon at the studio said, “The trip here is unpredictable.”

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