5 K-pop group members who change the public’s prejudice against idol-turned actors

Viewers sometimes even forget these names are idol actors. 

K-pop idols often face many prejudices when they turn to acting. However, thanks to their good acting skills and irresistible on-screen charm, these 5 idols have been recognized as real actors. 

Im Siwan

Im Siwan is so popular as an actor that many people don’t even know he started out as a member of the boy group ZE:A. When he first started acting, Im Siwan only took on minor roles. However, thanks to his outstanding visuals and natural acting, he soon received more opportunities. Only a year into his acting career, he landed a role in the hit “The Moon Embracing the Sun”.  After that, he starred in various successful works such as “Reply 1997”, “Misaeng”, “Tracer”, etc.

This year, he appears in the star-studded movie “Emergency Declaration” and leaves a strong impression by taking on an antagonistic role. 

Lee Junho

When he first debuted in 2PM, Lee Junho was one of the least popular members. However, he got his big break after becoming an actor. Initially, he stumbled against many difficulties and was only offered small roles, but he never gave up. After around 10 years of acting, Lee Junho has now become one of the most sought-after young actors of the industry. His popularity exploded thanks to the lead role in the successful drama “The Red Sleeves”. 

Not only did “The Red Sleeves” bring him the Best Actor award at the 2022 Baeksang Arts Awards, offers sent to him are also crazily pouring in. Lee Junho revealed that he received over 100 scripts to choose from after “The Red Sleeves” became a hit. 


Known for her flawless beauty, Nana of After School and its subunit Orange Caramel has proven herself to be more than just a visual. Besides singing, she is also recognized as a talented actress. 

Since her debut, Nana has starred in various TV dramas such as “Love Weaves Through a Millennium”, “Memorials”, “The Good Wife”, “Kill It” and “Justice”. She won the Excellence Award for an Actress in a Miniseries twice at KBS Drama Awards and scored multiple Baeksang nominations.


When it comes to idol-turned actors with the best acting, it is impossible not to include EXO’s D.O. D.O made a great impression on viewers right from the beginning of his acting career with his handsome looks, awesome vocalization, and natural portrayal of a variety of characters. Not only dramas, D.O has also landed roles in multiple successful movies.

Some of D.O’s most well-known works both on the small and big screen are “100 Days My Prince”, “My Annoying Brother”, “Along With The Gods”, “It’s Alright, This Is Love”, etc. In 2017, D.O excellently won Best New Actor at the Blue Dragon Film Awards. He is also the owner of several Baeksang nominations. 


Yoona is not only one of the most successful idol-turned actors within SM Entertainment but also in the entire industry. Over the years, the Girls’ Generation member has bagged both high-rated dramas and movies with box office success such as “You Are My Destiny”, “Love Rain”, “Confidential Assignment”, “Exit”, etc. 

Currently, Yoona is drawing much praise for her performance in the ongoing drama “Big Mouth” alongside Lee Jong Suk. “Big Mouth” is leading in viewership ratings and generating much buzz online thanks to its engaging story and excellent acting.

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