5 K-drama actresses who will hit the small screen in September (ft. Kim Go Eun and Park Min Young)

September is filled with promising K-dramas, and the appearances of these 5 actresses are drawing a lot of attention. 

This September, many highly-anticipated K-drama will hit the screen, and along with them, various famous actresses like Kim Go Eun, Lee Yoo Mi, and Park Min Young will shine in their own ways. 

1. Kim Go Eun 

2022 seems to be a hard-working year for Kim Go Eun, as the actress just concluded her appearance in “Yumi’s Cells” season 2, only to star in “Little Women” right after. In this upcoming K-drama, Kim Go Eun will assume the role of In Ju – the eldest sister in a family of 3 siblings. Since she always has to work hard to take care of her sisters, In Ju is painfully aware of the importance of money, and would go to great lengths to make ends meet. That’s why when she stumbled into a huge amount of money out of nowhere, In Ju decided to keep it, despite her action being illegal. 

2. Lee Se Young

After her huge success through the historical hit “The Red Sleeve”, Lee Se Young is going to don a completely different image in “The Law Cafe”. Here, the actress will transform into the gorgeous yet quirky lawyer Kim Yu Ri, who has a bad temper and a great sense of justice. After a while of working in a huge law firm, Yu Ri decided to quit her job and opened a cafe. Through posters and stills of “The Law Cafe”, it seems that the audience should expect Lee Se Young and her stunning visuals, even in the weirdest and wackiest outfits. 

3. Joy (Red Velvet) 

Idol-actress Joy will return to the small screen this September through the K-drama “Once Upon a Small Town”, which is set in the countryside. In this series, Joy plays a beautiful and beloved police officer, who’s always friendly and helpful whenever people run into trouble. As the role seems to fit Joy’s bubbly image to the tee, it is expected that the idol-actress will deliver a convincing performance this time around. 

4. Lee Yoo Mi

After proving her capabilities through Netflix original dramas “Squid Game” and “All of Us are Dead”, Lee Yoo Mi is set to once again prove herself via the tvN series “Mental Coach Jegal”. The actress will assume the role of a national athlete who had to give up on her dream after a scandal, and is now assisting retired and flunking athletes as a mental coach. As this is Lee Yoo Mi’s first leading role, expectations about the actress’ portrayal are higher than ever.

5. Park Min Young

After “Forecasting: Love and Weather”, which did not manage to make a huge impact, Park Min Young is raising anticipation for her next drama, “Love in Contract”. This time around, the actress will become Choi Sang Eun – who offers contract marriage services. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, she works with her long-term customer Jung Ji Ho (Go Kyung Pyo), while on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, she has another client – the popular actor Kang Hae Jin (Kim Jae Young). Soon, our female lead gets entangled in a love triangle with her two customers, and a question arises: Who will she choose to be with on Sunday – the only day where she gets to be herself? 

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