Park Hyung-sik and Han So-hee became a couple in “Soundtrack #1”

Park Hyung-sik and Han So-hee finally reached a happy ending.

Disney+ original series “Soundtrack #1” (scripted by Ahn Sae-bom/directed by Kim Hee-won) is a musical romance in which two best friends of 20 years stay in the same house for two weeks and get to know each other’s feelings.

The final episode of “Soundtrack #1,” which was released on April 13th, showed a happy ending of the romance between Han Sun-woo (Park Hyung-sik) and Lee Eun-soo (Han So-hee).

Han So-hee Soundtrack #1

In the third episode, Han Sun-woo left alone instead of confessing his love for Lee Eun-soo. Lee Eun-soo knew Han Sun-woo‘s feelings but had no choice but to let him go because she was unsure of her mind. She then sobbed alone. In the fourth episode, the physical distance between the two became distant and a year passed by.

Han Sun-woo and Lee Eun-soo spent a year contacting each other as if nothing happened. In the meantime, Lee Eun-soo began to walk on the road of success as a lyricist, and Han Sun-woo was also recognized as a photographer. However, Lee Eun-soo feels so empty as she lives every day without Han Sun-woo by her side. As time went by, Lee Eun-soo felt what her feeling was for Han Sun-woo and how precious he was.

Soundtrack #1

Meanwhile, Han Sun-woo returned to Korea due to an unexpected change of schedule. Seeing Han Sun-woo suddenly appear without saying anything, Lee Eun-soo was so surprised and happy at the same time. However, another woman who liked Han Sun-woo was next to him. Lee Eun-soo felt nervous when approaching him naturally. Lee Eun-soo decided to take this chance to confess her true feelings and love for Han Sun-woo.

In the end, it was the lyrics of the song they made together that connected the hearts of Han Sun-woo and Lee Eun-soo. Lee Eun-soo recalled the memories with Han Sun-woo and took out the lyric that is still left incomplete in the last part. Then, Han Sun-woo finished the last lyrics of the song with the message from his heart, “Please stay beside me for a long time. I love you”. The two, who confirmed their love for each other, shared a sweet kiss. After being friends for 20 years, they became lovers. “Soundtrack #1” ended with a happy ending. 

Soundtrack #1

Soundtrack #1” drew sympathy from the viewers by portraying the romance story of “The relationship between love and friendship” in a cute and affectionate way. Park Hyung-sik proved his power as a “Romance Prince” with his deep eyes and delicate emotional acting. Meanwhile, Han So-hee also shone with her lovely charms. The chemistry between the two actors, who look dazzlingly beautiful just by being together, received favorable reviews for increasing the viewers’ immersion in the story.

Director Kim Hee-won’s detailed directing added excitement to the story. While great music used in the right scenes to match the drama’s genre of a musical romance made it become much more emotional. 

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