“I’m excited and happy,” U-Know Yunho appeared to meet Max Changmin after his bar controversy

U-Know Yunho of TVXQ appeared at a press conference to promote his member Max Chang-min’s new album.

At the online press conference to announce the release of Max Chang-min‘s second mini-album “Devil” on the afternoon of Jan 13th, U-Know Yunho appeared as the MC, drawing attention. On this day, U-Know Yunho said, “Changmin hosted my solo album press conference at this time last year, and I’m excited and happy to be able to join Changmin’s solo album press conference.” He then added, “I will do my best to support and host the show,” adding, “Happy New Year to everyone.”

Yunho Changmin

Earlier in February, U-Know Yunho was caught by the police at a bar in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, after passing the open time limit which was 10 p.m. U-know Yunho posted an apology on his SNS, but as the bar turned out to be revealed as an illegal adult entertainment establishment, another controversy over his sincerity in the apology was raised.

Yunho Changmin

In this regard, Yunho’s agency, SM Entertainment, said, “It was clearly the mistake of U-know Yunho that he failed to comply with the pandemic prevention regulations, but he is deeply reflecting on himself”. The company also explained, “He never did anything wrong other than violating the pandemic prevention regulations. After receiving a call from the friend who wanted to have a consultation with him, U-know Yunho went to the place his friend told him. It was the first place he visited that day.”

Yunho Changmin

After spending 9 months for self-reflection, he performed at the live show “Dinner with Cassiopeia│TVXQ! 18th Anniversary Party” held on the 26th of last month to mark TVXQ’s 18th debut anniversary and announced his return to domestic activities.


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