The debut of BTS’s “little sister” is approaching: A new version of IZ*ONE coming soon?

Are you ready for the launch of a new powerful rookie girl group featuring former IZ*ONE members?

The battle between Kpop 4th generation rookie girl groups in 2022 is expected to be more fierce than ever with the competition between the hottest rookies such as aespa, IVE, STAYC, JYP’s upcoming girl group,… Moreover, the last piece of BIG 4 entertainment agencies, HYBE, will also join this race. The company has teased many times that 2 new girl groups will be introduced in the near future. One of these 2 lineups will have the presence of IZ*ONE’s ex-members.

Recently, HYBE started giving “signals” that the debut date of “BTS’s little sister” is coming very soon. Specifically, on January 12, the profile of a girl group named LESSERAFIM was published on Namuwiki. Earlier, HYBE also registered the copyright of this name on October 12, 2021.

Information about the new girl group called LESSERAFIM managed by HYBE X Source Music was revealed on Namuwiki on January 12.
3 months ago, HYBE copyrighted this name

According to rumors, LESSERAFIM will consist of 6 members, including Miyawaki Sakura (1998) and Kim Chaewon (2000), who are both former members of IZ*ONE. Heo Yunjin (2001) was a contestant on Mnet’s survival show Produce 48.

Besides these 3 familiar faces, the group expects to have 3 brand new members: Soobin (2001), Yijun (2004) and Chaemin (2006). Sakura is the only Japanese trainee, Yijun is Taiwanese, while the rest of the group are Korean.

Miyawaki Sakura
Heo Yunjin
Kim Chaewon
LESSERAFIM’s rumored lineup

It is not known how talented HYBE’s rookie is, but the group’s visual has received praise from netizens. Sakura is inherently the top beauty of IZ * ONE. She and Chaewon also have a loyal and large fandom from the Korean and Japanese markets. The remaining 4 members also have youthful and pure facial features.

Besides the visual element, the group’s name LESSERAFIM also impresses Kpop fans because it sounds very poetic. Many people think that this name is reminiscent of IZ * ONE’s fairy concept in the past. In addition, the concept of Les Seraphim – the meaning of 6-pointed angels is also speculated to be the inspiration for the name and concept of LESSERAFIM.

The name LESSERAFIM reminds netizens of the angel concept
Netizens joked that if the group really took the name LESSERAFIM, the fandom name would probably be Zimzalabim (the name of a song by Red Velvet).

Netizens appear to be half delighted and half sad at the news that HYBE X Source Music’s female group is ready to debut. Many people were reminded of GFRIEND‘s rapid disbandment and expressed that it would be difficult for them to fully support the new girl group.

GFRIEND’s unexpected disbandment has left netizens in a state of bewilderment.

Currently, HYBE has not officially confirmed the above information.

  • Please debut soon, I’ve been waiting for Sakura and Chaewon for a long time!
  • Yijun is so pretty.
  • Not really related but as a fan of G-FRIEND I can’t help but feel heartbroken! I support LESSERAFIM but still hate Source Music till the end. Can’t two groups exist in the same company?
  • Idols who debuted from Mnet’s Produce series are not doing well except Kang Daniel. Most of them are “flop”, but let’s wait for this group.
  • Another group of 6 members debuted while the company was in debt. Sounds like another loop. Ah, the difference is that the company is no longer in the basement but has a different face
Will HYBE apply the dreamlike concept that IZ*ONE was so successful with to the new girl group?


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