Knetizens are enraged at Cube for letting (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon star in a drama with a provocative topic: The poster alone is enough to drive fans mad

A behind-the-scenes photo taken of Miyeon during filming makes fans worry about whether her upcoming drama is crossing the line.

In addition to the promotional schedules with (G)I-DLE, the group’s main vocalist Miyeon has actively engaged in many other activities such as MCing on music shows, being a DJ at radio shows, appearing on entertainment programs and also acting. In 2021, Miyeon appeared in 2 web dramas “Replay: The Moment” and “Delivery”, proving her potential for growth as an actress. However, her upcoming role in a new web drama has sparked controversy. Many netizens and fans of the female idol have accused her management company Cube Entertainment of being inconsiderate in picking the projects for their artists.

According to the reported information, Miyeon will join the cast of the drama “Adult Trainee” (the temporary title that is literally translated from the original Korean title “어른연습생”) alongside other actors such as Ryu Uihyun, Cho Yoojung, Ryeowoon, Kwon Youngeun,… “Adult Trainee” is a 7-episode series produced by CJ ENM and will be broadcast on TVING in November of this year.

On October 13, the production crew of “Adult Trainee” announced the official poster as well as a brief summary of the drama’s storyline. Following this introduction, a fierce controversy broke out as many viewers believe that the topic of the drama is too sensitive and even somewhat provocative and inappropriate. “Adult Trainee” is described by the Korean media as “a romantic comedy about the lives of hormonal Gen Z teenagers”. The characters of the drama are introduced as 18-year-old teenagers with growing bodies, full of energy, who are going through mundane worries about life and love: Jaemin is addicted to masturbation, conservative Yura is starting a deviant relationship with her male friend, overweight Naeun who has never dated starts looking for a boyfriend,…

mi yeon Adult Trainee

Apart from the drama’s synopsis, the poster of “Adult Trainee” is also filled with inappropriately suggestive images. The red poster immediately catches the eye of the viewers with a variety of sensitive metaphorical images such as condom shells, tissues, bananas,… The pink poster also includes the similar provocative images, along with an arousing line: “Our class is always hot”.

Based on what has been revealed by the drama’s production crew, it is not difficult to realize that “Adult Trainee” revolves around the sensitive issues that teenagers often encounter. Therefore, the appearance of Miyeon in a drama like this makes fans extremely worried that this could affect her clean image, especially when a recently shared behind-the-scenes photo during the filming has begun to spark concerns that “Adult Trainee” will include scenes that cross the line.

After the drama’s plot was announced, Korean online forums were quickly flooded with comments criticizing “Adult Trainee” and Cube Entertainment. The fact that Cube let a female idol star in a drama that can cause her to receive serious sexual harassing comments is enough to cause outrage, but more importantly, Cube agreed to let Miyeon act in “Adult Trainee” at a time when her schedules are already packed.

  • What the… do these people think we’re in Europe.. ㅋㅋㅋ Portraying teenagers like that would create a big problem no…???”
  • They must want to copy the teen series on Netflix, that’s why this dumb web drama is produced 
  • Ah… Just reading the drama’s introduction is enough to see that there is a problem. Jaemin is addicted to masturbation and Yura has a traditional mindset? What on earth is that?
  • From the moment I saw the banana on the poster, I got angry… What is the company even doing? I really can’t understand why they let Miyeon act in this drama, and I also don’t see the point in producing a highschool drama with such a provocative topic…
  • Is Cube crazy;; Did they forget that Miyeon is a female idol.. Maybe because she didn’t have many activities in the first half of this year, whatever offer she receives, they immediately accept without considering carefully. Please don’t be like this.. Don’t you think about the sexually harassing comments Miyeon will receive? Not to mention who would describe teenagers this way? Both CJ and TVING are crazy
  • This is insane ㅋㅋ If you want to follow this concept, why don’t you just change into a college setting instead of portraying 18-year-old students wearing school uniforms? It’s disgusting… The scriptwriter is not young either. Why would they do this? Westerners can be so open to gender issues doesn’t mean it should be the same for Asians. I just don’t understand ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • They seem to want to follow the concept of Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’, but isn’t it too difficult given the Korean context?
  • Being in a drama like this is annoying enough, but the most frustrating thing is that Miyeon has to work hard to film this despite her tight schedule. Miyeon’s October schedule is crazy 

What do you think about Miyeon’s participation in a controversial drama like “Adult Trainee”?

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